Choose Single Ply Roofing For Your Commercial Building

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For your commercial building, it’s important to have the right information to determine the best choice for your business. At I.M. Roofing and Inspired Metals, we recommend single ply roofing for your commercial building. This affordable option comes in different materials to protect against the elements and ultimately, protect your commercial property.

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Benefits of single ply roofing for your commercial building

There are plenty of options of different roofing systems for your business. I.M. Roofing and Inspired Metals chooses single ply roofing for commercial buildings because:

  • It’s durable against fire, smoke, and other dangerous elements
  • It’s cost-effective, helping to lower utility costs
  • Single ply materials are lightweight
  • Single ply requires minimal maintenance and can have a lifespan of up to 20 years!

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